National Steak and Poultry – Preparing Meals for Restaurants

The food service industry has innovated the dining-out experience, with fully cooked, flavored chicken breasts, and beef steaks that they supply to restaurant chains, food distributors and outlets. Some of these products like the marinated chicken breasts, and lightly seasoned steak strips from National Steak & Poultry are the basis of many dishes in high-grade restaurant chains across the country.

Buying products from companies who supply the food service industry is the best way of ensuring you get the best quality & taste too. Beef sirloin kabobs made with roasted red pepper dipping sauce is a succulent delicacy that gives you consistent taste along with quality all the time. You could use fully cooked beef crumbles to make a stir-fry vegetable rice dish. Most ready-to-eat products can be used to add flavor to any baked dish, soup or stew. Beef and poultry marinade innovations within the food service supply industry has ensured the inclusion of many exotic sauces & marinades. These innovations allow smaller, niche restaurants to cut down the labor-intensive expenses that they previously incurred.

In fact, salads can be given a different flavoring with NSP’s strips of savory flavored chicken breast. Those all-American recipes that seemed to require a whole lot of time in the kitchen are now easy to prepare using fully cooked flavored or marinated chicken breasts, cubes, strips, and steak tips or crumbles.

Marinated steaks and chicken breasts from National Steak and Poultry make those barbeques a success. No time needs to be wasted on finding the right blend of that barbeque. All you have to do is rip open a pack, thaw it out and the barbecue is on.

National Steak & Poultry, begun in 1980, has built a reputation for marinated, pre-portioned beef and poultry products for supply to some of the country’s popular restaurant chains. At, find out more recipes.

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Cut Restaurant Bills with Ready to Serve Gourmet Cuisine

A gourmet meal at a fancy restaurant costs between $30 and $50. But consumers are returning to the home-made meals, with rising costs of a good meal at a decent restaurant. A successful restaurant’s well-kept secret is their ready-to-cook meats from meat processing and packaging companies like National Steak & Poultry.

Combining steaks, fillets and poultry dishes in complicated recipes is now easy as pie. Gastronomic trends and global influences have led food processing plants to experiment with marinades and sauces. Pre-cut cubes and strips for chicken pies and beef dishes are pre-cooked. So all you have to do is put everything together- pop the pie dish in the oven or arrange everything on plates and heat. Your haute cuisine dish is ready to serve.

Smaller restaurants find that the individually packed steaks, cubes and strips are easier to store. Mouth-watering crates of fully cooked savory chicken breasts, fajita flavor chicken breast cubes and fully cooked taco flavor ground beef crumbles can all be stored safely. Since the meats are packed in singles or individually, opening a case and splitting the contents is quite safe. Most of the meats are pre-cut and portion controlled, which means that you don’t have to worry about how big each serving ought to be.

These can be used in soups, stews, pies, meatloaves, and as toppings. Weighing between 10- 22 lbs a case, these poultry, meat and pork products all have identifying codes that are helpful in the billing process.

The portions follow standard health department guidelines and are meant for the average adult. Bacon wrapped fillets are easy to make entrees or can be used as garnished dishes. Some companies like NSP even provide menu ideas, serving suggestions, and recipes that are easy to prepare. All food service supply companies provide only USDA inspected products.

A premier supplier to the food service industry, National Steak and Poultry provides independent and chain restaurants, retail outlets and distributors with fresh-frozen and fully cooked beef, chicken, turkey and pork products. Visit for comprehensive information on their products.

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